This is an introduction to how to make inquiries about school exchanges as part of a Japan Educational Travel program and how to apply for these school exchanges.

Japan reopens to tourists on guided package tours from 10 June 2022.
Before inquiring, please check the frequently asked questions section.

1. Inquiries about Exchange with Japanese Schools

Please refer to the following contacts for questions related to exchange with Japanese schools.
* Please decide upon the schedule and destination for the educational travel to Japan before applying for a school exchange.

forumInquiries to Japanese Local Governments

If your school has prior experience of completing an educational travel to Japan:

Please fill in this application form and send it directly to the contact for the prefecture where you wish to carry out the school exchange.
* You may also be required to submit an application form specific to the relevant prefecture.

A list of local governments that handle school exchanges as part of Japan Educational Travel.

forumInquiries to JNTO

If your school has no prior experience of completing an educational travel to Japan:

JNTO will assist you in finding a Japanese host school for the exchange. Please see [2. Applying for School Exchange Visits] for information on how to apply for support.
Please contact JNTO if you have any general questions relating to educational travels to Japan and/or school exchanges.

  • We do NOT arrange the itinerary or accommodation during your stay in Japan. We only assist in finding a host school for the exchange.
  • We do not offer individual study abroad.
  • We only provide support in Japanese and English.
JNTO Global Projects Section TEL:+81-3-5369-3336
(Japanese & English Support)

2. Applying for School Exchange Visits

If you decide to go on a school exchange, please first determine the schedule and destination.
Once you have sent the items in the below list to us, we will assist you in finding a Japanese host school for the exchange.

  1. Application form (click the button below to download)
  2. Itinerary
  3. Information on the reserved air tickets (as well as documents showing the reservation confirmation: E.g. Reservation confirmation screen, reservation confirmation e-mail)
  4. Information on the booked accommodation

Matters Requiring Attention when Applying

  • All of the required information (above 4 items) must be submitted.
  • Applications must be submitted 2-3 months prior to the exchange date.
  • School exchange applications cannot be accepted until the number of participants is finalized.
  • Depending on the timing and content of the application, it may not be possible to find a school.
  • Cancellation cannot be made after application.

createHow to Fill Out the Application Form


Please fill in the following information:

  1. The name of the school that is applying for a school exchange, as well as the full name, country and address of the representative.
  2. The school type, the school’s total number of students, and total number of teaching staff.
  3. The characteristics of the school.
  4. Choose from four options on the form, and indicate the Japanese language learning.
  5. Details of your travel agent and reserved flights. (If you are requesting an in-person exchange)
  6. Details of conditions related to the requested exchange school.
  7. Details about the school’s web environment. (If you are requesting an online exchange)
  8. The ages and number of students who will be participating in the school exchange. Please also fill in the number of teachers and guides who will lead the students, and others.
  9. Details of the requested prefecture and exchange date.
  10. If there are possibilities of cancellation, please describe briefly.