This is an introduction to how to make inquiries about school exchanges as part of a Japan Educational Travel program and how to apply for these school exchanges.

Japan reopens to tourists on guided package tours from 10 June 2022.
Before inquiring, please check the frequently asked questions section.

Inquiries about Exchange with Japanese Schools

Please refer to the following contacts for questions related to exchange with Japanese schools. JNTO teams up with the various local governments to promote school exchanges during Japan Educational Travel. JNTO functions as a unified reception desk that processes applications for school visits and carries out matching of applicant schools with local schools, while local governments support school exchanges by, among other things, coordinating the exchange programs.
※Once a destination is decided, you can directly consult the local government to accelerate the procedure.

forumInquiries to JNTO

Please consult the JNTO for questions about school exchanges. In order to submit your application for school exchange, please fill out and send the application forms and references to . JNTO can only correspond in Japanese and English. Please consult JNTO’s overseas offices regarding inquiries in languages other than English or Japanese.
*JNTO is a tourism organization. We do not offer individual exchange programs.


JNTO Global Projects Section
(Japanese & English Support)

forumInquiries to Japanese Local Governments

A list of local governments that handle school exchanges as part of Japan Educational Travel.

forumInquiries in languages other than Japanese and English

Please consult JNTO’s overseas offices regarding inquiries in languages other than English or Japanese.

Applying for School Exchange Visits

In order to make your application for school exchange, fill out and send the application forms and references to JNTO. Since application documents consist of a “Primary Application” and an “Overview of Participating Institutions,” please fill out both.

Matters Requiring Attention when Applying

  • In principle, it is only after the dates and destinations of Japan Educational Travel have been decided and flight and accomodation reservations have been made that you can apply for a school exchange visit.
  • Please make sure to fill in every section as much as possible.
  • We request applicants complete one set of application forms (consisting of one “Primary Application” and one “Overview of Participating Institutions”) per application.
  • Please fill out and send both “Primary Application” and “Overview of Participating Institutions.”
  • The application forms information is also included in English. Please fill out the forms in English or Japanese. JNTO only accepts applications in these languages. Please contact JNTO’s overseas offices if you desire help with applying in another language.
※In the case of having a Japan Educational Travel planned, please note that the application cannot be accepted until the participants have been confirmed.

createHow to Fill Out the Application Form


Please fill in the following information:

  1. Name of school that is applying for a school exchange, as well as the full name, country and address of the representative.
  2. The school type, the school’s total number of students, and total number of teaching staff.
  3. The characteristics of the school.
  4. Choose from four option on the form, indicate the state of school curricula and Japanese language learning.
  5. Details of travel agent and your planned flights.(If school trip to Japan)
  6. Details of conditions related to the requested exchange school.
  7. Details about the school’s web environment.
  8. The ages and number of students who will be participating on the day. Please also fill in the names and number of teachers and guides who will lead the students.
  9. Details of the requested prefecture and exchange date.