What is “bukatsudo”? Club activities in Japanese schools


In the extra-curricular activities of Japanese junior and senior high schools, there are various clubs. Such activities are called “bukatsudo”. Participation is voluntary, not compulsory, however, most students belong to a club. Clubs are broadly divided into two categories—sports clubs and culture clubs, and there are various kinds within each category. Clubs range from those […]

Culture Festivals at Japanese Schools

Culture Festivals at Japanese Schools

The culture festival is one of the important events that brings color to high school life. In many cases it is held over two days in the fall. Dances, plays and band performances are held on the stage, and booths selling light snacks and sweets, and study exhibitions are set up in classrooms. The atmosphere […]

Lunch in Japanese schools

lunch-in japanese-schools

In Japan, almost all elementary schools and junior high schools provide school lunches. It is usual for all students to eat lunch in their classrooms. The high quality of the lunches, and the idea of using them for education, are attracting attention from overseas. Multiple leading media outlets abroad have reported on them, and many […]

Japanese Schools and Uniforms

Senior high school students wearing blazers
Senior high school students wearing blazers

Japan’s current school uniforms can trace their beginnings to the Meiji period (1868-1912), when Gakushuin (an educational institution for the Imperial family and nobility at the time) adopted Navy-style uniforms. Later, the wearing of uniforms became widespread with aims such as eliminating economic differences and heightening awareness of being a student. In recent years, Japanese […]

Senior High Schools in Japan

 1. Outline of Senior High Schools in Japan The Japanese education system is divided into six years of primary education and six years of secondary education (three years of lower secondary education and three years of upper secondary education). Of this, the nine years of primary education and lower secondary education form the compulsory education […]