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What is Educational Travel?

Educational travel refers to group tours organized by schools for their students with faculty members as group leaders. These trips have clear learning objectives and usually include visits to local schools, site visits, hands-on activities, and so much more.

Japan has always been a popular destination for overseas educational travel, with its rich culture and abundant learning opportunities attracting students and schools from all over the world every year.

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Four reasons why you should choose Japan as your destination for educational travel.
  • Rich in history, culture, and natural scenery
  • High-quality and diverse education
  • Rich and Diverse learning opportunities
  • Safe and secure environment
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The educational travel can be theme specific, focused on culture, history, nature, food, sports or any other theme you would like.

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What is JNTO ?


JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) is involved in a broad range of activities both domestically and worldwide, to encourage international tourists from all over the world to visit Japan.

The JNTO engages in promotional activities for every regional market and functions as a centralized reception point for inquiries and for the acceptance of tourists wanting to visit Japan for educational travel.