Program Overview

Each participant will discuss the set theme by sharing their opinions on the spot. In order to ensure smooth progression of the online discussion, the groups will be divided according to the number of participants.

As with the presentations, social issues will be discussed, and interesting discussions will also be held on familiar cultural differences such as family values and food habits.

auto_awesome Benefits of Discussions

Since students will be discussing based on their own opinions, it will be an opportunity for them to have their own ideas and to acquire the ability to communicate them well. It is also a good opportunity to train students to think logically, as they will be able to communicate their ideas through trial and error, trying to find ways to convince others with different opinions and cultural backgrounds.
In discussions, it is ultimately necessary to unify the opinions of the participants. In order to do so, a leader is required to lead the discussion and elicit opinions from the participants. By allowing students to experience this role, it will also give them the opportunity to learn leadership skills.


  • SDG themed discussions (group work)
  • Based on the theme of family relationships, participants from both countries discuss family values.

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