Program Overview

Collaboration takes a variety of forms, such as "one half of the work is sent to the other half, and the other half finishes it," "one person designs and the other person produces," and "materials from each region are used as materials for the work.

auto_awesome Benefits of Joint Productions

The process of working together over a long period of time to achieve a single goal with other students and exchange partner schools naturally fosters teamwork and communication. The work itself can be done even if you do not speak the language of the partner school, making it easy for students who are not comfortable with their language skills to participate. The sense of accomplishment when the work is completed will lead to self-confidence and motivation for cross-cultural exchange.
The finished work will remain as a tangible object, making it easier to continue mutual exchange afterwards.


  • Both parties work together to produce the website
  • Students create one, united mural by discussing the design in advance online, then working in their respective countries.

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