Program Overview

Topics to be covered should be mutually shared topics such as SDGs, environmental issues, war and peace, cross-cultural understanding, sports (the bonding, respect, caring, etc. effects it brings), and new coronavirus (current situation in each country, response, etc.).

auto_awesome Benefits of Presentations

To give a presentation, you need to organize your thoughts in your mind and then put them into words. Through this process, you will naturally acquire the ability to convey your opinions to others. This is an ability that will be useful in a variety of situations, such as taking entrance exams and job hunting.
In addition, you will be trained to explain yourself in a logical and logical manner, and you will also develop a sense of self-affirmation, positivity, and responsibility as you learn to express your own opinions.
Because you will be doing these things with people from different languages and cultures in online exchanges, the joy you feel when you get your message across will create even greater confidence.


  • Presentations introducing the food, nature, places of interest, culture, history, and school life of their community
  • Group research presentations and Q&A sessions related to math and science fields

Other Programs

Cultural Exchanges / Recent Status Report
Recreation Activities
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