Program Overview

The opportunity to communicate with students of the same age from other countries can promote interest in other countries and understanding of the international community. In addition, as more personal topics are discussed, it will be easier to develop a sense of familiarity and interest in the people with whom you are interacting.
Free conversation on the spot is the basic rule, but if you decide on a topic in advance or prepare a list of things you would like to talk about or ask about, it is likely to lead to a more fulfilling exchange.

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Compared to presentations and discussions, the burden of preparation is lighter and the psychological barrier to speaking up is lower, making it easier for students to participate.
By interacting with others from different cultures and backgrounds, students can learn about diverse values and broaden their perspectives. It is expected to break out of the shell of stereotypes they had and make it easier for them to be flexible and accept various ideas. On the other hand, it is also expected to provide an opportunity to realize the advantages and challenges of their own culture and community from an objective point of view.


  • Exchange local products from your country before the exchange and share your impressions on the day of the exchange
  • Interviewing ambassadors of other countries and learning about their cultures

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