Why is Japan the best choice for a school excursion?

Japan lies off the east coast of the Asian Continent, surrounded by sea in all directions and consists of four major islands and more than 6,800 smaller islands. With its beautiful countryside, futuristic technology and unique culture and art, Japan makes an excellent destination for school excursions.

Five great reasons to visit Japan on a school excursion

Native interaction, firsthand experiences

Nothing compares to interacting with native Japanese people as a tool to improve learning the language. School visits and home stays provide students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in Japanese culture.


Although Japan is often thought of as an expensive destination there are in fact a wide variety of budget accommodation and transport options, along with many free and inexpensive tourist attractions making Japan an affordable destination.

Well-developed transport network

Japan's transport network is very extensive and allows for speedy and efficient traveling. Major cities within the country are connected to each other by air, rail and highways.

High security standard

Japan has long led the world as one of the most crime-free economically advanced countries where even the larger cities are remarkably safe.

Sister City and Sister School Relationships

Japan has many Sister City and Sister School relationships with overseas promoting international exchange and cooperation between the nations.