School Profile

School Name Tainan Yong Ren Municipal High School
Location Taiwan (Asia)

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Length of Travel 4 days, 3 nights
Locations Visited Kanagawa and Chiba
Time of Travel 'May 2019
Age of Participating Students Others
Number of Participants 21 people
3 teachers, 16 students, 1 child of a teacher and 1 interpreter/tour guide
Purpose Cross-cultural exchange and international exchange

Locations Visited


Odawara Castle, Lake Ashinoko, Hakone Shrine (changed from Owaku-dani Valley)


School exchange at Shonan Gakuen
Homestay in Ito City


Visited Kotoku-in Temple, Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine, Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, Yamashita Park,
Hikawa Maru, Yokohama Chinatown, Red Brick Warehouse


Visited Tokyo Disneyland.

Host School (School Exchange)

location_cityHost School

Location Kanagawa
School Name Shonan Gakuen Senior High School



Met at the Fujisawa City Tourist Association parking lot.


Enoshima excursion
Shrine path → Escar (escalator) → Enoshima Shrine → Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden → Viewing Platform


Greetings from Taiwanese students in Japanese at the school cafeteria.
Lunch (Kiyoken bento box or school lunch)


Tea ceremony experience held by the school’s PTA during 4th period.


Students joined a welcome party and calligraphy class during 5th period.

  • Welcoming remarks from the principal
  • Commemorative gift exchange
  • Explanation of Taiwan and the school in English
  • Calligraphy experience
  • Taiwanese tea ceremony demonstration
  • Remarks from Taiwanese guests in English
  • Photo

Departed from the school


location_cityFaculty feedback and advice for success

This experience reaffirmed my feeling that face-to-face interactions are especially important for mutual understanding.

We were able to go welcome everyone from Yong Ren Municipal High School in Tainan, Taiwan.

We enjoyed a morning excursion to Enoshima in the fresh May air, not far from our school, together with our students who had applied to be buddies.

After that, we all came back to the school, had lunch in the cafeteria, and enjoyed experiences such as tea ceremony and calligraphy. Also, everyone from Tainan Yong Ren Municipal High School did a presentation introducing Taiwan and we were able to see an actual Taiwanese tea ceremony. The entire exchange took place in a friendly atmosphere.

That day was only a short time, but it was a very fulfilling exchange. Seeing young people doing their best to communicate by using English along with gestures, etc., reaffirmed my feeling that face-to-face interactions are especially important for mutual understanding. Our students, too, seemed to feel closer to Taiwan.

I’m grateful for the remarkable opportunity we had this time. I’d certainly like to welcome them again if we get the chance. We all really think so.