School Profile

School Name National Pingtung Senior High School
Location Taiwan (Asia)

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Time of Travel October 2016
Age of Participating Students 16-18 years old
Number of Participants 39 people
36 students, 3 faculty members, and 0 tour guides
Host School (School Exchange) Nara Kenritsu Takada High School (Nara Prefecture)

Host School (School Exchange)

location_cityHost School

Location Nara
School Name Nara Kenritsu Takada High School (Nara Prefecture)



Welcome Ceremony

  • Principals’ Greetings
  • Greeting from students
  • Commemorative gift Exchange
  • Pingtung Senior High School singing the School Anthem
  • Takada High School singing the School Anthem
  • Itinerary Explanation

Class visits

  • Science
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Japanese
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
school exchange

Club Activity visits

  • Kendo
  • Judo
  • Tea Ceremony

Closing Ceremony

  • Farewell from both schools’ Representatives
  • Commemorative Photograph



location_cityFaculty feedback and advice for success

Chun-yen Lo (Section Chief of Activities) Chin-yu Su (Director of General Affairs) Yu-hui Wang (Director of Educational Affairs)

I want the students to directly experience and feel the differences between Taiwan and Japan, and thereby have a chance to reexamine and reflect on themselves.

In Taiwan, educational travel is a government promoted project. Around 300 high schools participate, of which 90% choose Japan as their destination. Japan is chosen for reasons such as its good transportation services, and the thriving exchange between Taiwan and Japan. However, the primary reason in fact lies in that schools want their students to feel the atmosphere, the environment, and other aspects of Japan as one of the leading developed countries in Asia.

Through the educational travel in Japan, I want the students to directly experience and feel the differences between themselves and Japanese students of their age, and thereby have a chance to reexamine and reflect on themselves. For instance, students of Takada Senior High School were able to sing their school anthem at the welcoming ceremony because they feel pride in their school. I think their confidence comes from their love for their school. Also, school buildings are beautiful in any Japanese school. I believe that the environment is clean and organized because students themselves are highly conscious of the necessity of maintaining a clean learning environment. This is why we always ask Japanese staff in charge to greet us with nothing special or arranged, but instead to show us the everyday scenes of the school. We hope that students will be able to reflect on themselves after seeing a regular school day at Japanese high schools.

Many students have developed an interest in Japan after educational travels in the past; some even decided to major in Japanese in university. In this way, I would be very happy if the program could be a starting point for students to find their goals in life, which they would not be able to discover if they never step outside of Taiwan.

We the faculty would also like to learn how Japanese education succeeds in passing on Japanese culture from one generation to the next.

location_city Reviews from Students

Chi-hang, Chang

I was deeply impressed by Japanese high school students’ active interactions, which contradicted my impressions before my visit.

I love anime such as “Doraemon” and “Kochikame,” and I was learning Japanese with a Japanese teacher before the educational travel. I heard a lot of things about Japanese students of my age in class, and I was under the impression that they were quiet.

During the educational travel in Japan, I was very surprised when Japanese students tried to chat with me with the help of electronic dictionary, and when they showed me textbooks even before I asked them. These contradicted my last impression of them.

The vibrant, positive atmosphere of the physics class in which I participated left a deep impression on me. Here, instead of the teacher lecturing all the time, students took the lead and participated actively in class.

There was one thing I regretted. Though this was an excellent opportunity to interact with students of the same age who grew up in a different country, I was not able to fully express myself. When I return to Taiwan, I hope this frustration will motivate me to study Japanese harder, and to improve my language skills.


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