School Profile

Country Australia (Oceania)
School Name St Eugene College
School Division Private High School  (共学校)
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school exchange
Joining in on club activities (Ikebana)
Exchange of commemorative gifts


Schedule 5 nights
Locations Visited Tokyo, Nagano and Kyoto
Time Travel Conducted September 2016
Age of Students 16-18 years old
Number of people Total 20 people
17 students, 3 faculty members and 0 tour guides
Learning Themes Traditional culture  Japanese food  Natural environment 
Purpose School Exchange
School Exchange Ueda Western High School


Day 1



Arrive at Haneda Airport , Tokyo sightseeing

hotel Tokyo

Day 2


Matsumoto city (Nagano)
  • soba-making experience and lunch
  • Matsumoto Castle
hotel Matsumoto City (hotel)

Tourist Spot

Matsumoto castle open_in_new

Starting from Fukashi Castle which was built during the Eisho period of the Warring States period, Matsumoto Castle has become a National Treasure as the oldest extant five structure/six story castle in Japan. Its contrasting black and white, against the shining Japanese Alps makes for splendid scenery.

Takagi open_in_new

SOBA noodles cooking class

Day 3


Mt. Yatsugatake (Nagano)
  • Mt.Yatsugatake visit (stroll through the mountain top garden)
  • Nagato Farm (visit and lunch)
  • Home of Japanese Paper Tateiwa visit (Japanese fan making experience)
hotel Around Ueda City (homestay)

Tourist Spot

Nagato Farm
Home of Japanese Paper Tateiwa

Day 4


Ueda City (Nagano)

School Exchange with Ueda Western High School

Joining in on club activities (Shodo)
Joining in on club activities (Shodo)
hotel Around Ueda City (homestay)

Day 5


Ueda - Matsumoto (Nagano) - Kyoto
  • Daio Wasabi Farm (Wasabi field visit)
  • Matsumoto City (Clock Museum visit, Matsumoto Tanabata doll making experience) visit
  • Travel to Kyoto
hotel Kyoto (hotel)

Day 6


Kyoto - Osaka
  • Kyoto Sightseeing
  • Departure from Kansai International Airport

School Exchange

location_cityHost School

School Name Ueda Western High School (Nagano Prefecture)
School Division Private High School  (共学校)



Welcome Ceremony

  • Principals’ greetings
  • Exchange of Commemorative Gifts
  • Ueda Western High School Students’ greetings and Wadaiko
  • St Eugene College Students’ greetings and Choral Performance
  • Presentation of Student Pairs
Welcome Ceremony

Lunch (cafeteria)

Lunch (cafeteria)
Lunch (cafeteria)

Ueda Western High School ECC Club (English Communication Club)

  • Presentation on the Regional Traditional Culture

Join in club activities:

  • Judo
  • Kendo
  • Tea ceremony
  • Ikebana
  • Japanese calligraphy
Joining in on club activities (tea ceremony)
Joining in on club activities (tea ceremony)

Origami experience


Farewell Interview

  • Posting photos and leaving messages on welcome banner
Decorating the welcome banner
Decorating the welcome banner


Reviews from faculties and students

location_cityReviews from teachers

Mr. Peter Orton

I would like to have lots of experiences in the land of beauty and wonder of nature.

While learning words is also possible in the classroom, in order to acquire the true sense of those words, I think it is necessary to spend 24 hours in the environment associated with that word, and to listen carefully to the words I wish to learn and use.

This time we will visit Japan on an educational trip for the second time. The reason for adopting the educational travel program in Nagano prefecture is to be able to have many cultural experiences such as making fans.

Since Australia is a historically young country, it does not have a strong cultural background like Japan. I believe that many cultural experiences in Japan will be very good experiences for the students.

Also, since some of the students have never left their parents, I think that this educational travel is a good opportunity for them to develop independence.

Japan is safe and everyone is very kind. Nagano is rich in greenery and the natural environment is wonderful.

I would like the students to experience as many things as possible on this trip.

location_cityReviews from Students

Bryce Devlin

Homestay and school exchange in Japan deepened my knowledge of culture and words, and expanded my horizons.

What I enjoyed the most during this trip to Japan was staying with my Japanese family at their home. Japanese customs such as greetings and etiquette are quite different from Australia. The most interesting thing I found was bowing.

In addition, I could see various beautiful natural scenes. Such views of mountains and greenery cannot be found in my country of Australia.

On the other hand, it was difficult for me to speak Japanese quickly and sometimes I could not keep up.

The exchanges with the homestay family, and the teachers and students of this school expanded my horizons and increased my knowledge of Japanese culture and Japanese. I am very happy that I was able to practically apply the Japanese I studied in Australia and that my Japanese ability had further improved.

Alicia Fag

I was perplexed by completely different customs, but the differences made me realize many things.

Before coming to Japan, I thought that the Japanese were busy and this was a day-to-day fact. However, when I actually arrived, everyone was very calm and I seemed to be able to take life as it came.

Moreover, I think Japanese people are very polite, respecting each other, and constantly deferring to the wishes of others. I think this is truly wonderful.

Speaking of an unusual experience in Japan is food. I would have to give the example of okra, as I have never eaten okra before.

In addition, there were differences with my lifestyle in Australia such as how to wear slippers in the house, and saying “itadakimasu” before meals. This was a little hard to get used to.

Exchange in Japan made me aware of many things. I think that it is meaningful and wonderful to visit Japan where even the exposure to Japan and Japanese culture is a profound experience.


Welcome Ceremony
Decorating the welcome banner
Decorating the welcome banner
Joining in on club activities (kendo)
Joining in on club activities (kendo)
Joining in on club activities (Ikebana)
Joining in on club activities (Ikebana)
Joining in on club activities (tea ceremony)
Joining in on club activities (tea ceremony)
Joining in on club activities (judo)
Joining in on club activities (judo)
Joining in on club activities (Shodo)
Joining in on club activities (Shodo)
Lunch (cafeteria)
Lunch (cafeteria)
Exchange of commemorative gifts
Exchange of commemorative gifts
Welcoming ceremony
Welcoming ceremony
Joining in on club activities (Shodo)
Joining in on club activities (Shodo)
school exchange
school exchange