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Q1 Is it possible to conduct school exchange from morning to afternoon?

At Japanese schools, we conduct exchange for about 2 to 3 hours. If you request exchange from morning to afternoon, we will have to consult the particular school as the response changes depending on the school.

Q2 Is it difficult to find a Japanese school that will accept exchange?

Whether we can find a match or not depends on the date, number of students, and location of exchange that the school requests.

Q3 Is there anything in particular that we should pay attention to when filling in the application form?

Please indicate the number of students, the gender of the students, and the grade of the students (If the number of participants is still uncertain, please indicate the minimum number of people who can participate). In addition, please clearly write the date and type of school you want to exchange with. In order to conduct a good exchange, it would be much appreciated if the content of the plans are clear and detailed.

Q4 How long will it take to find a match?

Depending on the area, it usually takes two months. If the time period is during busy seasons such as beginning of school year (March ~ April), summer vacation (July ~ August), or New Year's holiday (beginning of December ~ beginning of January), it may take longer.

Q5 If I want to ask you to find a matching school, when should I submit the application?

Japanese schools tend to decide the events of the next fiscal year in December, so it is better for the school to be notified as soon as possible.

Q6 Are there pamphlets with the accepting school names?

Unfortunately, the schools change each year so there are no pamphlets.

Q7 When is the easiest time to match?

Generally, the best time to match is in October and November (There are differences according to school and region).

Q8 Is there anything I should pay attention to during the exchange?

1. After the host school is decided, it will issue a certificate. Although the certificate will clearly describe the contact information, the guest school should refrain from directly contacting the Japanese school.

2. The guest school should refrain from applying for exchange by an alternate method.

3. Please be careful if asking a travel agency to find a host school, as it may lead to complications.

4. It is important that the travel agency stay in close contact with the Japanese school. If there are any changes, please let us know as soon as possible. Also, please refrain from cancelling.

Q9 If the exchange is scheduled from morning to afternoon, will the Japanese school prepare meals?

While it is common for the travel agencies to prepare meals, it is also possible for a Japanese host organization to prepare meals as well. The price is about 1000 yen.

Q10 If a mediator is asked to help find a Japanese school, will the Japanese municipalities impose any conditions?

It depends on the region requested. There are some regions that require one overnight stay in local accommodations or visits to local tourist facilities, so please confirm before completing any contracts. Guest schools must submit their schedule forms to host schools to allow for coordinated planning.

Q11 What should be done if, for some unavoidable reasons, the exchange has to be cancelled after the submission of the application?

1. First of all, please contact the guest school's closest office of the Japan Exchange Association as soon as possible.

2. If the Japanese school has not yet been decided, it is only necessary to contact the guest school's closest office of the Japan Exchange Association.

3. If the Japanese school has already been decided, it will affect the work of local municipalities and the hosting of schools in the future. For this reason, we humbly request the guest school to submit an official apology.

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