School Profile

School Name Yeonam High School(Korea), Beijing Yuetan High School(China), King’s Baptist Grammar School(Australia), Chiayi County Jhuci Senior High School(Taiwan), SMK Aminuddin Baki National Junior & Senior High School(Malaysia)
Number of Participants 79 people (79 students)
Age of Students 14 ~ 18 years old
Main Purpose of Exchange Musical Exchange

School Exchange Partner

School Name Osaka Gakugei Senior High School(Osaka), Tenri High School(Nara), Sonobe High School(Kyoto), Prefectural Nishinomiya High School(Hyogo), Hidaka High School(Wakayama)
Number of Participants 130 people (130 students)
Age of Students 15 ~ 17 years old

Online Exchange Details

Date & Time 24th November in 2022
Program Recreation Activities
Tools used Zoom

location_cityFlow of the Day(JST)

Introduction of each school by the MC (Osaka Gakugei Senior High School)
Performances and acts from 10 schools
"We Are the World" choir performance (to the accompaniment of Osaka Gakugei Senior High School)
Watch an edited video featuring the 10 schools singing "We Are the World"
Thoughts from each school

Thoughts from Faculty and Students

faceThoughts from Faculty

  • We look forward to meeting you in Japan and Taiwan.
    Thank you very much for inviting us. Our school's students and teachers were very excited and really enjoyed the online music festival. We look forward to meeting you in Japan and Taiwan. (Teacher from Taiwan)

face_6 Reviews from Students

  • Very meaningful opportunity to experience and share the culture of other countries.
    With the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, I am unable to travel around the world and enjoy cultural performances. In such a situation, this online music festival was a very meaningful opportunity to experience and share the culture of other countries with our peers from all around the world. I will never forget this music festival, where young people speaking different languages were united through music. The global situation these days is really complicated and terrible, but we, the next generation, can make the world a better place. (High school student from Korea)
  • I would like to continue to have exchanges with them if I have the chance.
    It was fun to realize that each country has its own unique traditional music. I would like to continue to have exchanges with them if I have the chance. (High school student from Japan)

Leadup to Exchange (Japanese side)

Details behind the process involved in making the online exchange happen Educational tour coordinators from five prefectures (Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Hyogo, and Wakayama) got together and decided to create something original for this year's project. In light of the global situation, we planned an event that would help promote peace.
In order to make the project happen, each prefecture decided on the overseas country or region it would cover, and with the cooperation of the boards of education of each country, travel agencies, etc., approached schools with which the coordinators in each prefecture had personal connections. (Osaka → Korea, Nara → China, Kyoto → Australia, Hyogo → Taiwan, Wakayama → Malaysia)
Advance Preparation (Faculty) ・Music instruction for students of own school
・Submit a video of the choir to the accompaniment of the soundtrack performed by Osaka Gakugei Senior High School two weeks before the day of the exchange.
・Pre-shooting of performance video and submission thereof, in case a live performance is not possible on the day of the exchange.
Advance Preparation (Students) Practice for performance, chorus practice and video shooting, preparation of english comments
Advance Preparation (Local Government Contact Person) ・In order to implement various genres of music exchange, each prefecture was assigned a specific musical genre (brass band, gagaku*, shigin*, wadaiko* and koto*).
*Japanese traditional music or musical instrument
・Searched for appropriate schools in each prefecture, and at the same time, searched for the partner school overseas and requested their participation.
Role of the contact person at the local government ・Visited each school not only on the day of the exchange but also during rehearsal, one week prior to check network connectivity and provide support.
・Detailed liaison and coordination with overseas school
When they reached out to the exchange school 1st May in 2022
When they engaged in meeting with the school 1st July in 2022
When the date for the exchange was finalized 31st May in 2022

Future Areas of Improvement/Secrets to Success (Japanese side) 

face_4Local Government Contact Person

Future Areas of Improvement:
The language of the online exchange was English, but it might have been a good idea to use some Japanese as well.

Secrets to Success:
The educational coordinators from the five prefectures maintained constant communication not only with the school in their own prefecture, but also with the overseas school.