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Online Exchange Implementation Report

14 March, 2022

Exchange school (Japan)

School name KOEI VERITAS Senior High School(Private)
Prefecture Chiba Prefecture
Number of participants 19 (Breakdown: Students: 16 teachers: 3)
Age of participating students 17
Main exchange purpose Cross-cultural exchange

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Exchange partner school (Overseas)

School name Moruya High School(Public)
Country name Australia
Number of participants 5 (Breakdown: Students: 4 teachers: 1)
Age of participating students 17

Exchange program details

Exchange time and date 1:05 pm – 1:40 pm Thursday, July 15th
Local time difference 2 hours
Schedule on the day 1:05 – 1:10 Greeting
1:10 – 1:20 Icebreaker (Introduction of each country’s current time and weather)
1:20 – 1:35 Q&A (Including calligraphy performance)
1:35 – 1:40 Ending (Impressions, gratitude)
1:40 – 1:45 Commemorative photograph

Teacher and student impressions

Teacher I was impressed that we could have an exchange with Australian students. The students seemed to enjoy participating. I would be happy if the students’ English study and motivation and interest toward international understanding was enhanced through an increase in such opportunities.
Student It was my first time to talk to people my age in another country, so it was all exciting and fun. There were some things I wanted to communicate, but I couldn’t do it well, so I want to study English harder, and someday, broaden my horizons by talking to people from different countries.
Student I was happy that my English was understood by the Australian students. I experienced a valuable international exchange in which we introduced yukata and calligraphy, etc. From now on, I want to be able to speak English more.

Flow from exchange planning to implementation date (Prior preparation, etc.)

Events leading to online exchange First, I received an exchange request from a high school teacher in Australia. I approached KOEI VERITAS Senior High School, which has a clear vision toward global education, and this led to an exchange between both schools. (Response by the person in charge in Chiba Prefecture)
Date of approach June 23rd
Start date of meeting with partner school June 28th
Date of decision for exchange implementation June 29th
Prior preparation Nothing in particular
Teachers’ roles (Japanese side) Divison of roles of participating students (MC and calligraphy performance)
Roles of the person in charge in the local authority (Japanese side) Exchange content proposal, coordination with the Australian school, loaning of equipment
Tool used Zoom

Future plans

Next implementation schedule: There are plans for another online exchange with Moruya High School in March. In the future, online exchanges will be held once every term (2-3 times a year), and we hope this will lead to educational travel to Japan once the COVID-19 pandemic is over.