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Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) announces results of FY2017 survey of the situation with international exchanges at high schools

31 March, 2020
MEXT has announced the results of FY 2017 survey of the situation with international exchanges at high schools. This survey has been conducted every other year since 1986, and this marks its 16th year.

The survey targets high schools, high-school programs at six-year secondary schools, and high-school programs at special needs schools, and covers the situation with international exchanges, including the overseas dispatch of Japanese students for training or study and the acceptance of foreign trainees and students.

One of the questions concerns the “acceptance of educational travel from overseas that involves school visits,” and results are published for the number of schools accepting students and the numbers of visitors from each country/territory. The overview of the results is shown below, and indicates that numbers are increasing on both the accepting and visiting sides.

  • A total of 1,846 high schools accepted educational travel from overseas, a rise of 14.4% since the previous survey (conducted in FY2015).
  • A total of 39,531 students visited from overseas, a rise of 20.5% since the previous survey.
  • By country/territory, 33.9% of students (401 schools, 13,392 students) came from Taiwan, the largest number. Next was South Korea with 14.6% (237 schools, 5,774 students), followed by China with 10.4% (166 schools, 4,127 students), the U.S. with 9.7% (265 schools, 3,844 students), and Australia with 9.2% (215 schools, 3,647 students).

For more details, please check the MEXT website.