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The Process Behind Each Educational Trip to Japan

The JNTO manages all applications from overseas requesting for educational travel in Japan. The Process Behind Schools' Introduction to Educational Travel to Japan is shown below.


*The arrangement process is different for every municipality.


  • 1.Submit your application to the JNTO office in Japan or overseas
    We will consider the specifications of your request, such as location and number of days of travel, and introduce to you a place that best meets these conditions.
  • 2.The JNTO will send your request to the particular prefecture of Japan that suits your requests.
  • 3.Each prefecture will then send a request to the school that suits your requests.
  • 4.Each prefecture will make detailed arrangements for implementing the travel, such as a daily schedule and a list of warnings.

Notes on inquiries

1.Please submit your application through the specified application form.

2.We only correspond in English and Japanese at Japan's JNTO information desk.

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